Grid Control

Besides grid monitoring, grid control is the second key capability of grid and system operators and represents the second-most-essential product within the MCCS environment. The Grid Control product aims to manage all relevant control commands (manual to semi-automatic or automatic) that are issued to grid and asset components within the system. That is why Grid Control is divided into two modules that are mutually dependent: 

  • Validation
    Validation checks that the control sequence is correct, e.g. user privileges, control sequence initiator, interlocking state of the asset itself to execute the control sequence etc. 
  • Execution
    Execution sends the correct control sequence, receives status updates and documents the execution in order to adhere to compliance rules.

Thanks to the modular approach, Grid Control can be used more flexibly in comparison to classical SCADA applications. Besides the control of asset or grid components, the Grid Control product can be reused in other use cases from different value chain segments, such as door lock control in substations or the control of auxiliary components such as diesel generators
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