Functional Platform

The functional platform GrASP (Grid Asset and System Platform) delivers enabler products that provide core functionalities to all MCCS business products as well as other products and customers. 

It offers a modular design, seamless integration, user-friendly interfaces, robust data management, timeseries management, and document and log management, notifications and alarms as well as reporting and calculation assistance. The advantage of the platform concept is that multiple other products and customers can reuse the products, modules and functionalities, while development is performed only once. Enhancements or corrections are available for all products within the platform.

Technology Platform

The Elia Group Digital Platform (EDP) is a technology platform that powers GrASP (Grid Asset and System Platform) and provides a reliable and secure foundation for seamless operation and efficient management of the grid, its assets and systems. EDP encompasses a range of powerful technologies that work harmoniously together to deliver a comprehensive and reliable platform.

  • Scalable Infrastructure

    EDP is built on a scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure, providing high availability, fault tolerance, and elastic resource allocation. It enables the platform to handle large volumes of data and to support growing demands without compromising performance.
  • Data Streaming and Event-Driven Architecture

    EDP leverages data streaming capabilities to facilitate real-time data exchange and enable event-driven architectures. This ensures the timely and efficient flow of data across the platform.   
  • Robust Data Storage

    EDP incorporates robust and flexible data storage solutions. It provides mechanisms for efficient data organisation, storage, and retrieval, enabling the platform to handle large amounts of structured and unstructured data.   
  • Secure Identity and Access Management

    EDP incorporates a comprehensive identity and access management system, ensuring secure authentication and authorisation. This ensures that only authorised individuals have access to the system, protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with security policies.   
  • High-Performance Database Management

    EDP utilises high-performance database management systems to handle structured and relational data efficiently. These systems enable seamless data processing, storage, and retrieval, supporting the platform's analytical capabilities and ensuring optimal performance.   
  • Container Orchestration

    Industry standard container orchestration technology plays a crucial role in EDP, providing efficient management and deployment of applications and services. It ensures scalability, flexibility, and ease of deployment, allowing for seamless updates and rapid scalability to meet evolving application demands.   
  • Developer Experience

    EDP incorporates popular open source and commercial technologies to provide developers and DevOps engineers with self-service tools and enable them to "shift left", thus increasing the reliability and security of application delivery and reducing its time-to-value. 
  • Monitoring and Observability

    In the future, EDP will incorporate comprehensive monitoring and observability capabilities, providing insights into system performance, resource utilisation, and data metrics. This empowers operators to monitor and optimise the platform's performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions.    
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