Grid Monitoring

The ability of monitoring the grid, its assets and the overall system is a key capability of grid and system operators. Consequently, monitoring represents an essential product within the MCCS environment. Moreover, it has a very high reuse potential as many different assets need to be supervised on different levels: e.g. power transformers, lines and cables, phase shifters or  the locking state for facility protection at a substation. 

By data ingestions, different types of data are available in the event-streaming platform. This allows monitoring all the relevant data by different kinds of visualization by means of line diagrams, charts, tables and so on. The Grid Monitoring product will provide efficient and effective monitoring functionalities for different customers and leverages the reuse potential of visualisations across different value chain segments. 

In addition, many visualisations can be created semi-automatically. By using more and more information based on the Common Information Model (CIM), visualisation of e.g. a single line diagram for a substation can be generated based on the existing CIM data, massively reducing the time needed for creation and updating. This improves the maintenance process and makes it easier to handle changes in context of the energy transition and expansion of the grid and asset infrastructure. 

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