About MCCS  

50Hertz’s Modular Control Centre System


On the one hand, MCCS aims to completely replace the 50Hertz control centre system and all its applications for supervisory control (SCADA), grid calculations (EMS), load frequency control (LFC), scheduling, etc. and provide those capabilities and functionalities in a modular way. On the other hand, it will add enhanced capabilities such as dynamic security analysis, dynamic voltage management, automated topology optimisation, online analytics and more.

MCCS is geared towards modularisation, event-driven architecture and loose coupling of data.


The energy system is transforming and requires more and better integration of renewables. 50Hertz aims to integrate 100% renewables by 2032.
This involves: 

  • dealing with more and more measurable and controllable units and rapidly growing amounts of data;
  • managing the increasing need for system and grid monitoring and control as well as support in decision-making; 
  • dealing with the higher volume of events and actions in the electrical system; 
  • considering the implementation of national and European regulation as well as the necessity for stronger coordination between market and grid.

Consequently, greater automation, more new software capabilities and enhanced functionalities are required to manage the system and ensure stability. 

To achieve that, we took the decision in 2020 to start developing our own grid control system as a platform that allows flexibility, adaptability and scalability over time. The aim is to share the approach with other TSOs and DSOs by exchanging knowledge, expertise and development capabilities to enable a faster and more efficient response to ever-changing needs. The digital transformation of the energy sector is a common goal for all of us. 

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