Partner with us

We are moving in ways previously thought impossible

50Hertz is taking ownership while sharing knowledge and expertise to accelerate the energy transition. We are evolving our IT landscape according to the changing needs of the energy transition, together with partners such as other TSOs, DSOs and other market players who follow our vision. 

Our Vision

We as a community are creating a reference solution for power grid control systems. We are focusing on a modular platform with well-defined and shared interfaces, enabling grid and system operators to collaborate, leverage synergies and flexibly adapt to the changing requirements of the energy transition. By working together, decades of incompatible monolithic solutions can be challenged.

The Community

The purpose of our community is in line withENTSO-E’s vision statement about the future power system in Europe:

A System of Systems, which will need strong cooperation between transmission and distribution, and amongst different energy systems. All operators will be key enablers and facilitators to make this future energy system work.
We are inviting new partners with different levels of maturity and different interests to join the community. Please get in touch with us to discuss the various collaboration options.

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