Products and Modules

A guiding principle behind MCCS is the division of previously monolithic applications into products and modules that can interact on an event-driven basis and are developed independently to allow “separation of concerns”. Disaggregation takes place where the reuse potential is present or the existing architecture prevents products or modules from using relevant data.

We are redesigning a formerly vertically integrated and monolithic SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system) into separate products and modules for data acquisition, monitoring, control, alarming and others. This means that all products and modules can be reused by other products, value chain segments, use cases and customers. When one product or module needs to be replaced or expanded, this can be done without affecting and changing the others. All products and modules communicate via the event-streaming platform to share events and data. 

Modularisation prevents the development of monolithic applications. Each product or module provides only its core functionality, receiving and transforming data and returning results. A prerequisite for this modularisation is the breakdown of business capabilities. This also helps to identify overlapping capabilities along different value chains. 

Grid Monitoring

Grid Control


Alarming, Eventing, Logging

Grid Analysis

Data Management (MDS) 

Forecasting & Wind Upscale

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